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Are Retro Jordans dying?

Are Retro Jordans dying?

The short answer:  No.

Resell is fine.  Retail is fine.

But there are cracks in the armor.

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Retro Jordans have been as synonymous with the resell market as Batman & Robin. Stockton & Malone. jordan shoes 11 outlet Turner & Hooch.

The hypothesis has always been that the retail success of Jordans is premised on a strong resell market.  Is it a coincidence that the recent news of adidas rising stock price (at the expense of Nike) is at least somewhat correlated with adidas rising share of the resell market (at the expense of Nike)?  At one point, Nike, including Jordan Brand, accounted for 96% of the resell market.  That number has dropped consistently and considerably since February 2015 - when adidas launched the Yeezy.  Since then adidas has taken share of the resell market with every release.  Kanye is this generations' Jordan.  There. I said it.

But this isn't an analysis of adidas.  That will come later.  Because despite the rapid resell growth of the brand with three stripes, jordan shoes 13 sale adidas is still a distant second to Nike.  The majority of the resell dollars spent on any given day are still the latest Retro Jordan drop.  But if the trends we've seen over the last 16 months continue, that may not be the case for long.

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Jordan Brand has had a rough time on the resell circuit lately.  In 2015, for the first time in a very, very long time, we saw some Retro Jordans sit, with a few even landing on clearance.  So far during 2016 they’ve appeared to pull back from the edge – a few big shoes will make it feel like that – but on the whole the Jordan resell game has continued the decline started in 2015, and may be headed for more clearance racks than we've seen since the mid 2000's authentic jordan sneakers.