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How to Clean White Jordan Shoes?

How to Clean White Jordan Shoes?

Ever since Michael Jordan captured the imagination of basketball fans around the world as a rookie for the Chicago Bulls, Nike's Jordan shoes and clothing became a popular and iconic American brand. Originally called Air Jordans, the Jordan brand of shoes and athletic wear remains popular many years after Jordan's retirement from basketball. cheap jordan shoes These shoes come in an array of styles and colors, all bearing the widely recognizable trademarked Jordan logo showing the silhouette of the basketball legend jumping to dunk a ball. Because those who purchase these shoes take great pride in them, keeping them clean is an essential part of maintaining their investment.

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  Caring for Jordan Shoes

Keeping Jordan shoes in good shape helps to increase their longevity, and the following tips can ensure that your Jordan shoes stay in excellent condition.
Dry Shoes After Wear

Before storing your shoes in plastic, dry them first by stuffing the insides with newspaper. When the newspaper eliminates the moisture, you can store them properly.
  Store Them Properly

When not wearing Jordan shoes, store them in two large zipper bags with a silica pack in each bag. authentic jordan sneakers This helps to keep the moisture out of the shoes, preserving them in the process. You can also use a wooden form in the shoes to help them maintain their shape.
  Avoid Harsh Conditions

Do not wear your Jordan shoes in wet weather or in rain and avoid getting them wet or muddy. Instead, carry the shoes to the gym in a gym bag and then put them on for working out or for a game.

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  7 Steps for Cleaning White Jordan Shoes

White Jordan shoes require special cleaning because white shows every bit of dirt. Therefore, you can use the following steps to clean these shoes, including clearing them of debris and drying them properly.
  1. Deodorize the Shoes

Along with drying your Jordan shoes thoroughly after getting them wet, air jordan shoes sale you can deodorize them by placing a fabric softener dryer sheet in each shoe and allowing them to sit overnight.
  2. Wipe Away Debris

For loose debris, use a dry soft cloth on your Jordan shoes and gently wipe away any dirt or debris that comes off easily. Use a back and forth motion with the cloth to gently remove the debris, but avoid using hard pressure to prevent grinding the dirt more deeply into the shoe.

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  3. Damp Spot Clean

For more difficult-to-remove spots of dirt, dampen a clean, non-abrasive cloth and dab or use a gentle back and forth wiping motion to remove it from your Jordan shoes.
  4. Remove and Clean the Laces

Remove the shoelaces in order to clean the entire shoe, including the tongue. jordan shoes 11 outlet If the laces are dirty, fill the sink with warm water and a little soap or shampoo. You can wash the laces by scrubbing them with soap, and if the laces require whitening, scrub them with baking soda. Then, rinse the laces well and allow them to dry completely.
  5. Clean the Shoe's Surface

Dampen a cloth in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Then, wring out the cloth to remove as much of the excess moisture as possible, and wipe the cloth across the entire surface of your Jordan shoes, jordan shoes 13 sale including the tongue.
6. Spot Clean Soles and Stubborn Stains

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You can make a paste of oxygen bleach and water to clean your Jordan shoes. Use a toothbrush to scrub the bleach paste along the soles to whiten them, and then, use the paste on a cloth to rub any stubborn stains away. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe away the bleach residue.
  7. Dry the Shoes

You should air dry your Jordan shoes, jordan shoes for women making sure that they dry completely before replacing the laces and wearing the shoes.